Regional Emergency Training Center (RETC)

The front view of the Regional Emergency Training Center (RETC)

The Camden County College Regional Emergency Training Center (RETC), 位于布莱克伍德, 新泽西, is home to the Camden County College 火学院, 警察学院, and Corrections Academy.

Our state-of-the-art 火学院 facility allows Camden County College to offer a highly acclaimed 火灾科学 程序. In-service courses range from junior fire fighter training, haz-mat意识, and various rescue techniques, 去调查, and crime scene preservation.

The 警察学院 and Corrections Academies are both accredited under the NJ-State Police Training Commission. 目前, the College offers two Board Certified Police Officer 警察学院 classes and two Corrections Academy classes per year. Each class graduates after approximately five months of study. In addition to these classes, the Camden County College 警察学院 holds Class I and Class II Police Officer Academies. Class I Officer training is 40 hours and the Class II 程序 is approximately 400 hours.

The RETC also holds numerous in-service training sessions throughout the year for police officers based on contemporary needs, 法律的变化, and attorney general directives, and also offers an Alternate Route Program. The key focus areas of the Camden County College 警察学院 instruction are scenario-based de-escalation, 程序正义, constitutional policing, and ethical defensive tactics. This has set us apart as a best-practice leader in law enforcement training.

For information related to Fire Fighter, Industrial Fire Fighter & EMS Training call (856) 374-4863

For information related to Police recruit &  Police Alternate Route Program Academy 程序s call (856) 374-4986